#30 - Reiki's Genesis - Ovulatory

Reiki's Genesis

every phase #30 - ovulatory - the 12th cycle

reiki's genesis

I have covered many different concepts, resources and practices that helped me to end my suffering with Endometriosis.  All of which involve completely stepping into the storm of suffering to face it, move through it, and integrate it, which ends it by going straight to the root.  The most humble and powerful embodiment of this healing process is one I practice almost daily, but have not covered until now, and that is Reiki.

I was introduced to this practice by my best friend, better half & husband, Jason Lettice, a 20 year Reiki master.  Reiki has recently been 'trending' in the health & wellness worlds, with many practitioners that unfortunately don't understand how to move energy & how it is transformed, and even fewer know the history.  If they did, big pharma would be in big trouble.  I have created this piece to symbolize the first part of the story, and also in alignment with the ovulatory phase illustrating the collaboration & many parallels between my journey of healing and the beginning of Reiki, with more to follow in the luteal phase as the rest of the history unfolds. 

I'm really putting this story in a big big nutshell, because the true origins of Reiki are universal and a part of every one of us, never meant to be lost--practiced by Gautama Siddhartha, Buddha, Jesus and many others.  The word Reiki actually means the vital life force flowing through all living things.  The elaboration of the history we will explore in the future, but for the purposes of revealing how Reiki was revealed again began in Japan in the late 1800s with a Catholic Priest named Mikao Usui. One day, one of his students pointed out, "you're always talking about Jesus and how he healed others, where are those teachings?  Can we learn how to heal as Jesus did?  Show us the method of this healing." That question sparked a 10-year quest to find and learn the skill.  

He searched within Christianity in Japan, and religious authorities told him that this healing was not talked about or known.  He then sought the information through Buddhism and noticed extremely similar resemblances between the life of Buddha in India and the life of the historical Jesus.  These Buddhist monks told him that these ancient spiritual healing modalities had been lost, and the only way to begin revealing them would be to begin the Path to Englightenment.  Mikao then lived in the US for 7 years, where he still was unable to find further answers from Christians there, so he entered the University of Chicago Divinity School, received his Doctor of Theology, and he also learned to read Sanskrit.  He was still unable to find the answers to learn about this healing. 

After returning to Japan,  he took residence in a Zen Buddhist monastery where he was actually able to find the texts describing this healing formula.  He read them in their original Sanskrit, but he noticed some parts were missing.  The material did not uncover how to activate the energy and actually apply it.  The obscuring of information was done intentionally, to keep the powerful material from those not ready to know how to use it appropriately.  The formula was very simple so then he said, "Very well, I've found it.  But now, I have to interpret this, because it was written 2500 years ago--ancient.  But I have to go through the test."  

The 'test' he decided for himself was a 21-day meditation, fasting & praying on Mt. Koriyama in Japan.  At his meditation site, he gathered 21 small stones to mark the time, throwing away one stone at the end of each day.  On the final morning of this 'test', in the darkest hour when he had almost completely given up.....I will tell you in the next part of the story for the luteal phase (or the getting shit done phase) in July....

When I received my Reiki attunement in 2015, my life changed forever.  It was the beginning of my integration & healing and helped to lead me to where I am now, writing this.  As you may be able to tell, there have been many parallels between my path of healing & freedom and Usui's--especially the search for answers, which this piece marks the end of the fearless & communicative ovulatory phase and our transition to luteal for the next part of the story.  We can communicate easily with others during this time, just as Usui was able to, and due to the surging estrogen, we are able to magnetically attract what we desire.

See you with the first Luteal piece in July. 💌

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