#2 Milk & Honey - Ovulatory

every phase #2 - ovulatory

Milk & honey

magnetic lingo

attract what feels good to you

let go of the rest

The haiku above left me with the title for this piece: Milk & Honey

Communicate, collaborate, receive.  This piece, like the phase, is about expansion.  Expansion of thoughts, ideas, how much fun we allow.It's probably the best time to ask for a raise because your attraction factor is multiplied by a thousand.  Like the woman in this piece I've created--she is the raise!

Collaborations with other people are also highly favored during this phase of the cycle and probably my favorite part.  Hence, my collaboration with Phil Minnes to create this piece, as well as several others, as NFT's.  The links for which I will release on my next email.Considering this entire series was inspired by one of the most expensive NFT sales ever Beeple's Everyday's project, it will not be absent from the NFT landscape.

The science--from In the FLO

A dramatic rise in estrogen, followed by Luteinizing Hormone (LH) stimulates one lucky follicle to mature & be released.  The egg makes its way down the fallopian tube to the uterus & in conjunction with the LF that stimulates the follicle to release an egg, there is also a sharp surge followed by a rapid decline in testosterone.  Like the egg newly released from the ovary, sending out chemical signals that drive sperm to a frenzy to reach it first, there is a lot of serendipity + synchronicity that can happen, if we allow.

One thing I've realized regarding being in 'sync' is that you don't find the 'flow' the flow finds you.  And you can only be 'found' if you allow it, line up with it, and are ready to receive it.

More info on the Ovulatory phase here

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