#8 The Calling - Menstrual

every phase #8 - menstrual - 2nd cycle

the calling

When in human history have so many people prevented others from seeing the truth?

It's usually because one person knows that the truth, or whatever is being prevented from being looked at transparently, will hurt one or both parties when they see it.

I created this piece as a reflection of not only my personal experience of being called by the larger part of myself but also a universal call.

There are so many things I can say about this piece, however, we both know that art speaks where words are unable to explain.  I do want to share some words with you, in the form of an Artist's Prayer I wrote (inspired by the Artist's Way) that are a part of my ongoing calling.

Here we go...

Artists Prayer

All loving God, Infinite Creator,

I am here so that I may be of greater service to you,

And so that all of my affairs may align with my highest purpose & highest self.

I offer myself to you as an instrument.

I open myself to your creativity in my life.

I surrender to you all of my old ideas that do not serve me.

I welcome your new and more expansive ideas.

I welcome the creative power that creates worlds.

I trust that you will lead me.

I trust that it is safe to listen and follow you.

I know that you created me as you, and we are one.

I am you when I let myself be.

I ask you to unfold my life,

According to your plan, not the plan of my shadow self, 

Or any low self-worth.

Help me to let go of the scarcity mindset and all beliefs that do not serve me.

Help me to love all beings,

To nurture each other’s unfolding,

To encourage each other’s growth,

And understand each others’ fears.

Help me to know I am never alone.

Help me to know that I am loved, blessed & guided by you.

Help me to create as an act of worship to you.

Through my art, I am healed, and I heal others.

Creativity is your gift to me.  Using my creativity is my gift back to you.

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