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over the rainbow

Over the Rainbow

I searched for the answers and

I found a mirror

When does something go from destroying us to inspiring us, or vice versa?

The path to destruction, which I know quite well 😆, is when you believe that your cup isn't full, or that you can be destroyed, or when you aren't really aware that you made the 'game' you're in, which means you can never really lose.  It's when you're not willing to face some seemingly 'inconvenient truths' and be honest about what's really there. 

For me, this 'something', called Endometriosis moved from destroying me to inspiring me when I realized that freedom is a choice.  And I wouldn't have come to that really engrained understanding if I had not gone through the destructive trials of endo.  I started to see it as my teacher.  And while I learned new information about how our bodies work, most of what I gained was a deep-seated awareness I already knew.  I had just forgotten.  I just needed a swift kick to remember what was always already there, available freedom & awareness for the taking. So I did.

The luteal phase is actually my favorite phase, the getting shit done phase. Your brain is primed for organization + completing tasks and reviewing what was started during the Follicular week and didn't get done in the Ovulatory. It feel so good to wrap it up and even better to start to turn inward.

The particular ratio of estrogen to progesterone in this phase allows you to notice the details--the things around you that you didn't see before in the follicular or ovulatory phases.  As a result, your brain begins to prioritize detail-driven responsibilities you may have ignored all month (or longer).

*Info above from In the FLO

There are so many things I can say about this piece and how it relates to the science of this phase--but I think it speaks for itself.As I said in the last luteal phase with the wedding dress, Art speaks where words are unable to explain.If I could write it, or say it, I wouldn't have to make art. 🎨

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