#6 Born Art - Ovulatory

every phase #6 - ovulatory - 2nd cycle

born art

the power i give

is everything or nothing

that's how art is born

Communicate, collaborate, receive.  This piece, like the ovulatory phase, is about expansion.  Expansion of thoughts, ideas, how many gifts we allow. 

In the world we live, if you suffer enough, they will build you a statue. 

Seriously, when was the last time you heard a day in 'memorial of' or a statue dedicated to the person that had the most fun?  Who made living at the highest vibration their priority?  Most of our society lives in a security blanket of suffering, under the guise of virtue and 'hard work'.  As you can probably tell by this piece (and all of my art), I stepped out of that prison a while ago and it began the final part of my healing from endo.

How is art born?

Sometimes it can feel like pushing out a child.  And then other times it flows so smoothly it's just like discovering something that was already there.  Whichever way, the liberating part is to be outside of the prison of thoughts that shitty things happen and they slow me down or get in my way, or have any power over me whatsoever--and they don't except for the power I give them.  The power I give them is everything--in other words, true freedom lies in the gift of taking personal responsibility.

This piece is symbolic of the creative process.  Especially those cycles where I would have pain equivalent to childbirth.  I know this because of what doctors would tell me about my contractions--no one wants that pain every month. Amazingly, those times that I thought I could just die at any time, I felt in a way, the most powerful.  This rich concoction of deep pain and absolute surrender created a peaceful depth.  When you're in that much pain, all the petty shit goes out the window and you realize what's truly important and what isn't, really quick.

Ovulation is the best time to ask for a raise, write a month's worth of marketing, or post a video of yourself giving a talk about something you're passionate about--anything that involves opening up. Your attraction factor is multiplied by a thousand.  Like the  Milk & Honey woman in the last ovulatory piece and in this piece (me)--she is the raise!  Hell, she is the maker of the raise.

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