#5 Secure Your Energy - Follicular

every phase #5 - follicular - 2nd cycle

secure your energy

The second cycle of the series begins!  The very clear message from my physiology this week is the title of this piece: Secure Your Energy.  I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty crappy. 

I had unintentionally allowed an emotionally charged aggravated individual to drain me by engaging in their frustrated 'fit'.  Basically, in the name of 'helping' I unintentionally chose to join them at their lower level vibration.  I had about 4 days of energy & vitality recovery + lesson learned/remembered: secure your energy.  You can't get sick enough to heal them, loud enough to have them listen, poor enough to, fill in the blank enough to ____.  The real 'helping' them is standing in your freedom/sovereignty/higher vibration so that no matter what they have no choice but to join you.  Not the other way around.

The first follicular piece of the 'Every Phase' series I began with was 'The Great Awakening' --reflective, literally and metaphorically with copper glass and quartz spires. So it would only make sense that after this awakening, the first message in the second cycle would be 'secure your energy'. 😅😂

As estrogen rises during the follicular phase, the first phase of the new cycle, it boosts the brain's working memory capability--the ability to handle complex processing tasks.  Estrogen's effect on the brain greatly improves the ability to solve problems, strategize, and plan.  Visible in this piece, the follicular phase is all about preparation and discovery as the follicle swells, stimulated by the arrival of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone). 

My plan for this piece was with a completely different intention when I began but the more I began to create,  the more I discovered a new landscape and composition.  So I allowed it to come through to bloom.  The 'sun' in the image can be seen as the follicular swelling, glimmering in preparation for the consonant light it will begin to shine.  Egg follicles swell to prepare and estrogen increases to thicken the uterine lining so that it can host an egg--just as the possibilities in our lives reveal themselves so that we can discover them.  

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