#49 - Stairway to Healing - Follicular

every phase #49 - FOLLICULAR - the 31ST cycle


If there ever was a 'Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself' year, this is it.

You don't have to know that Pluto just entered Aquarius & that we are ending an age of lies & beginning a new age of truth.

Just take a look around at the world's stage.

A stage with actors that can't keep up their costumes.  

This year the curtain will start to pull back for everyone to face the inconvenient truths, so actual healing can begin.

The notion that God is outside of you keeps your focus outside of you, your power outside of you and the belief that the answers are outside of you.

The reality is the opposite.

We are living 'the forgetting'.  Experiencing this life as separate, so we can remember at the higher levels, we aren't.

As you may know, I had a HUGE move at the end of 2023.  During the process I quickly realized something had to give, so I put the majority of my energy into the repairs, the move, the money, and all the parts of the house.  As I describe in the video clip above, it felt like the move and the house was keeping me from my art, and then I was like, wait a second: My house is the art.

As I ran up and down this stairway, putting all my crap away, it dawned on me that this is the process of healing. 

The steps will tell a story throughout the year and come to form a complete picture at the end of 2024.  It will include the visual interpretation of the characters that have led me to my healing, representative of all the different phases, where the journey has taken me, and where it is going. I won't go into it too much more, as we will experience it together, throughout the year.It's a shift from thinking of things on the day-to-day or even the phase to phase, or month to month, but in terms of, how do I want this to feel or look at the end of the year? It's an invitation to not only look at this in terms of the creation of this art piece, but the creation of our lives.

For the 4th year of the Every Phase series, the piece is the year.  We are zooming out from the 28-day physical cycle to a larger cycle, a cosmic cycle of a 'year'.  You will notice that there are 7 steps, leading not to another floor, but to a landing.  Just as the healing process leads not to a destination, but a series of different stairways, or journeys.  You will notice you cannot see the next set of stairs or if it leads to a floor above, which I have experienced in my own journey, not even being able to conceive of how much better I could feel until I got to a certain 'landing' or level of healing, only to discover the entire 'menu', so to speak, had changed. 

Experiences I didn't even know were possible because of the perspective of where I stood in the stairway.  There's also a wall with a handrail on one side, supporting the walk up.  The stairway isn't HUGE, as sometimes we perceive our healing as this giant mountain to climb, but it can't be taken in one step either.  It is about each step, the process, the alchemy of the journey, that's where all the healing is.  Not when we get to the top, but when we are in it.  WE only suffer when we don't meet our pain and try to find some kind of way around the stairs, or some other denial filled shortcut--then it really hurts.  

All of the every phase pieces have built on each other, with the series as a whole forming it's own stairway, and this piece is no exception.  I will be creating video 'vlog' versions of each of the previous pieces, or you could also think of them as 'steps' that have brought us to this part of the series. Watch for them starting next month on my youtube channel.

The format will remain monthly with the 4 phases divided seasonally, starting off with the first 3 months as...

Follicular (Winter turning to Spring), the next 3 as

Ovulatory (Spring into Summer), then the next 3 as

Luteal (Summer turning to Fall), then completing the year with the final 3 of

Menstrual (Fall turning to Winter).

Each season brings weather that is reflected in our monthly cycles.  The art celebrates the phase, its place within the cycle, the cycle's place within the season, and the season's place within a larger cycle, of the year.

Entering the follicular phase this January, the hypothalamus signals the pituitary gland to send follicle-stimulating hormone to your ovaries, and they get ready to release another egg.  This is the time for planning a new beginning and creating a roadmap for where we want to go.  

"Inside your body, it’s the beginning of a creative process - building to the potential creation of a new life (although, the energy is the same whether you’re planning or avoiding pregnancy at this time). It’s all about ideation, inspiration, project planning, and your whole self emerging  in this new cycle, onto a new path."-floliving.com

This is a marriage of life & art, illustrating how our environment shapes the way we live.  There's the stairway to healing, you know, the staircase, all the steps, but really it's merging & alchemizing what we perceive as our 'pain' realizing it is actually our 'power'. 

My house painfully keeping me from my art becomes: My house is my art.

See you stepping up to February. 💌

*If you're wondering where last year's menstrual phase pieces are, they will make a special appearance in my next book...

P.S. I didn't use AI to write this

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