#45 - Luna Vision - Luteal

Luna Vision

every phase #45 - LUTEAL - the 27th cycle

luna vision

Most people look on the outside for who they are on the inside.

They go on trips to find it.

They buy certain clothes.

They vote for certain people.

They make more and more money.

They define themselves by these things but still don't know who they are.

Through my journey of healing myself from endometriosis, I developed a mission:  a mission to show others how to face their pain and see themselves for who they really are.

It's a 1-2 step, as first you must actually face your pain, your bullshit & all parts of yourself, in order to see the truth of you.

Seeing yourself for who you really are.  

Meaning all the things that will remain with you when you leave this world.

Not for the illusion or projected image we put out.  You know, all the things that most people define themselves by, but actually have nothing to do with who they are.  

Most of the time, if you have to wear it on the outside, you probably don't have it on the inside.

However, to truly see yourself, you first must allow yourself to be seen.

One of the biggest hurdles in healing my endo was facing and transcending my sexual abuse.  Before this trauma, I was wild & free.  Young, curious & expressive, unconcerned with what others thought of me.

Afterward, I really held onto the pain of that experience.  The pain of not getting the help I needed, the pain of being looked at as a powerless victim. I wanted to hide out of fear that being 'seen' again would result in more unwanted experiences.  So I didn't let myself be seen any longer. 

I did this because I thought I would be safe from the pain.

Instead, it anchored me to it.

Being seen & heard are my deepest needs, and critical for all of humanity.We have more ways of looking at others & ourselves (youtube, Instagram, social media) than ever before, but very few of us are ever actually seen. 

Because rarely are we even willing to be vulnerable enough to be seen for who we really are.

I decided:  I am ready to be seen, to be free, vulnerable.

Our freedom lies in our willingness to be seen.  

When we are hiding or putting forward a projected image of ourselves, we become slaves to it.  When we are inauthentic, we are slaves to that inauthenticity.  Illusions and untruths require energy put into them to keep them alive.  Giving it our energy becomes an exhausting job.

In this final luteal phase as we transition to menstrual, just as the seasons transition, we are visited by the rare luna moth in this piece. "To meet one is a special gift, for when she is in her adult moth stage she only lives for approximately one week...Their cycles are short, as are our years while we are here...She speaks of our connection to the Feminine, our inner spirit, and our trust in ourselves.  We learn of the importance to find the balance between light and dark, the seen and the unseen. She is a reminder that when all is said and done, our healing and sense of love are the ultimate journey."- Chloë Rain, Explore Deeply

I have had the privilege of meeting several luna moths, mainly at night, one even coming out of the Earth.  The natural eye markings on the wings made for the perfect motif for the message of this piece, as well as the transition in size upwards with the background mirror symbolizing our inner sight and the process of looking within during the luteal phase transition. 

Sometimes, our various pains can feel like death rather than a transformation, just like the transition from caterpillar to luna moth.But really, there is nothing to fear.

Sharing what is real for you is where all your power lies.

Allowing yourself to have your needs as a result of being vulnerable--now that's power.

In the last piece, "Where did The Logos go?" we saw God in our mitochondrial DNA, passed down to us through our mothers.

I recall hearing God say while diving in, "The way you will see me is by seeing you."

I looked at myself in the mirror, like the one in the background of this piece, and I responded back:

When I really looked, I saw you within me.

I saw you in my creations.

I felt you in my emotions.

I see you, I hear you, I feel you.I love you.

See you in 2024.  I will be taking a brief break from the series as I honor my cycle and my own transformation.  Look for the next 3 month's upcoming pieces in my next book. 

💌P.S. I didn't use AI to write this

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