#44 - Where did The Logos go? - Luteal

Where did The Logos go?

every phase #44 - LUTEAL - the 26th cycle


When you create anything, art, music, dance, a meme, you can see, taste, smell, touch, hear, or sense what you are creating.

Imagine diving into and living in that creation.

Well that's the story about what The Logos decided to do....

One fine luteal phase day in the universe, the entity we know as 'God' aka Creation aka 'The Logos'  decided to physically manifest into its own creation & incarnate on planet Earth.  In the understanding that all is one and all is creation and 'The Logos' already, this added a whole other layer of 'cosmic security', if you will.

Creation decided to dive into it's own creation, scaring the crap out of some people.  And the unanswered question echoed- "Where did The Logos go?"

By that having happened, no one can know who or what 'The Logos' is other than the understanding that all things are it.  It is one thing and in all things.  It's in a discovery, in this writing, it could be an ant, it could be water, it's in the air, the trees, and most of all, in the mirror.  

When it comes to us physically existing here, we all of course inherit genes from both of our biological parents, but it's far from a 50-50 split.  

"All people are more genetically related to their maternal line, not just their mother but their whole matrilineal line, essentially - so their mother, their maternal grandmother, and so on and so forth." -Dr. Jennifer Cohen, Duke University

In fact, we inherit all mitochondrial DNA from our mothers, and 0 from our father, which is why we can only actually trace back our biological lineage through our mother's line.  

Mitochondria are the little power plants of our cells that carry DNA, and this only comes from our biological mothers, not from our fathers.  Therefore, we inherit more genes from our maternal line meaning our mother and her mother and her mother before her, because it's the egg, not the sperm, that hands down all of the mitochondrial DNA. In addition, the X chromosome, which women have 2 XX (forming a 'W chromosome') and men have one X (they are XY),  is five times larger than the Y chromosome (which only men have), and has 10 times the number of genes.  

The way we live in our patriarchal Western society is actually completely backwards from the biological truth, with men being viewed as the progenitors in almost every aspect of society, especially with the male's name being passed down in family lines.  In reality, the truth of our biological ancestry is more dependent on who our mothers were, than our fathers, you know, the ones with forgotten names.  Men were protectors of this maternal ancestry until the rise of colonialism & Luciferianism cloaked in the marketing of modern-day religion.

The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit - who is left out of that?  That's where the logos went.  The mother, the daughter, basically anything having to do with women.  They also removed the 'Mother' from Mother Father God. 

We are now excluding the mother in even the birthing process, now calling them 'birthing people' -- the metaverse (as opposed to motherverse) and we actually use it as an insult (motherf*ker).  However, our only power does not lie in creating.  But by creating, we can realize that we have both masculine and feminine polarities within, just as The Logos does, which is our true power within.

They have sold a lie to women that their only power lies in their body's ability to create a pregnancy and become a mother or to end it.  They have made men believe their power lies in being 'alpha' (no such thing), bulldozing & controlling others, and being emotionless. The truth is the opposite.

As discovered earlier on in the luteal phase in the Shots Fired piece:

Your power lies in your ability to receive.  If you look back in history, and even today, every lie and just about everything evil have 1 thing in common: diminishing the feminine polarity (within both men & women), specifically the aspect of receiving. It's very appropriate that their end will actually be the awakened feminine polarity in both men and women.  If you never receive you can never truly give. If you never receive, you can never really 'get' anything, which is why there has been such an effort to diminish the feminine throughout time.  If no one ever really feels like they should receive (because it is selfish, etc.), they won't, and they won't give or be generous either.  A very intelligent, covert way to control a population.

As we begin to prep for the next phase, the menstrual phase, with this 2nd luteal phase piece, it's a good practice to begin diving into what we have created.  It's the phase of facing your shit and taking care of it before the 'winter'.  And by being a part of your own creation you are securing the future of it, just as during the luteal phase, the Progesterone secures the environment for a pregnancy by creating a thickening of the uterine lining.  Your metabolism also increases, making you hungrier because your body needs more calories.  If you don't feed it what it needs, you will start to crave sugar, which will throw off your blood sugar, impacting your hormones, the next phase, and the rest of your cycle.  When we allow ourselves to receive what we need, our confusion melts away.  When we bulldoze ourselves and deny what's actually there, everything goes to shit. 

As we look around at the world around us today, the question title of this piece rings in our heads more and more:  Where did The Logos go?

The same place as the mitochondrial DNA.

The same place as the forgotten names of our ancestral mothers,

The same place as what you have rejected or bulldozed.

Where no one was looking.  

As you see depicted here, The Logos is art, diving into our physical life structure, our cells, our mitochondria.

I heard it say while diving in, "The way you will see me is by seeing you."

When you look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see looking back?

See you in a reflective September. 💌

P.S. I didn't use AI to write this

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