#43 - The Sound of Freedom in Blue - Luteal

The Sound of Freedom in Blue

every phase #43 - LUTEAL - the 25th cycle


What does freedom look like?

What does it sound like?

Smell like, taste like, feel like?

One way to know what it is is to know what it isn't.

There is one issue that spans all races, genders, religions, and affects all people.   It is one that could unite us, yet it divides us. 

Liberals are trafficked.  Conservatives are trafficked.  LGBTQIA+ are trafficked.  Christians, schizophrenics, Muslims, Jews, gay, straight, children, adults, men, women, transgendered, black, brown, white, purple, everyone.  Hence the name 'human' trafficking.  It affects all of us.  

The Sound of Freedom is America's #1 movie, but many people haven't heard of it or know what it's about. The media either doesn't talk about it, or references it as a 'conspiracy theory film', while posts about it are banned, as well as fundraisers.

Instead, you hear about the 'legend' of a plastic doll.  A story about a manufactured, inanimate object is getting more attention than an actual real hero (Tim Ballard is who The Sound of Freedom is based on) in a true story who rescued children from rape, sexual abuse, and a life of slave labor from their traffickers.  There are shows about how to make a sex room on Netflix, yet trafficking children is shadowbanned and is now a 'political' issue? 

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

The angered reaction to the human trafficking issue from mainstream media, labeling it as a 'conspiracy theory', 'anti-liberal', and 'anti-pedophile' reveals that there is a wound to defend. The question is, what is the wound that these people are defending? Why would someone's automatic response about human trafficking & support for this movie be that it's an attack on 'the left'?  That particular political group hasn't been brought up in this subject, except for their own response to it.  Our reactions are more telling of our truth than the marketing statements & arguments we make.

How would you feel if you had been raped, trafficked, and abused and someone called it an attack on pedophiles, or a conspiracy theory?

These reactions remind me of the gaslighting from doctors who told me my issues with endometriosis were all in my head, literally.  They told me my pain with my period was a psychological issue, but were more than happy to quickly offer me a prescription to birth control, or the puberty-blocking (what they give women transitioning to become men), Lupron. So if it's all in my head, why would I need birth control or Lupron? 

The answer to end all these discussions is education--the truth will set you free.  Once I educated myself, I was able to heal myself by learning what I did not once know. Once you really look for yourself, you become less likely to be manipulated by sales pitches, and propaganda.  This is why there is a real effort to keep people uneducated, looking somewhere else, playing with dolls.

Take a break from the marketing, here are some facts...

Fact:  Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, second only to drug trafficking (which it looks like it will surpass).

Fact: Children account for half of the victims of human trafficking.

Fact: Sound of Freedom tells the real-life story of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. government agent who decides to travel to Colombia to free two Honduran siblings who have been trafficked. Along the way, he rescues 50 children from the clutches of criminal organizations.

Just because you don't like the reality of something doesn't make it a 'conspiracy theory' because something is inconvenient to face.

With the balance of progesterone production being a main focus during our current Luteal phase, the subject of child trafficking is particularly relevant.  Progesterone is responsible for thickening the uterine lining, hence creating a good environment for a fertilized egg/pregnancy.  Just as we are responsible for creating that environment of healthy boundaries within our lifestyle.  If the egg hasn't chosen a sperm, meaning there is no pregnancy during that cycle, the corpus luteum (that lining) breaks down, and is reabsorbed into the body with utmost efficiency.  This points to the two most precious things worth protecting:  your sacred sexuality and your childhood.  When we ignore our bodies and run ourselves over, we 'traffick' ourselves.

Human Trafficking doesn't get to perpetuate in a world I'm in.

Instead of a percentage of my sales going to an art gallery or museum, I have chosen to give 13%  of all my profits to Operation Underground Railroad every month to end child trafficking.  I have created a fundraiser goal to raise $13,000 by October 13th, 2024.  Donate + Learn more here.  When you purchase art or any of my services, you are helping this mission & our humanity.

We traffick ourselves when we sell out on our integrity.  When we ignore something we know is happening.  When we say or do nothing in the face of tyranny. The more me I become the more I will attract friends and the more I will be known by my enemies.  Who you are is up to you.  It isn't defined by what's between your legs, or what's happened to you.  It is defined by your actions, what you stand for, and what you stand against.

Finding and claiming who you are is that freedom no one can ever take away.

What is worth that fight?

See you in a moving August.

💌P.S. I didn't use AI to write this

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