#41 - Ophiuchus - Ovulatory


every phase #41 - ovulatory - the 23rd cycle


Last month we answered the 'woke' question of what men and women are.

This month's ovulatory phase I've been thinking about business.  How we interact & exchange energy in the world.  The exchange of currency, and why it seems so fucking hard to sell art.

Well, not all art.

But thought-provoking art.

Hell, really anything too thought-provoking.

Thought-provoking art doesn't necessarily have a line out the door and 'sell' in a world that's too scared to face its own thoughts and feelings.  What sells is a reflection of our culture's thoughts, feelings, and problems.

So, we tend to paint the world with pretty flowers and babies and abstract shapes with the lowest amount of point of view and the highest amount of agreeableness so we can feel safe for that much longer.  Nothing wrong with babies, flowers, and abstract art, but if we want to continue to have the things that feel good, we must look at and integrate the things that don't. Until you face your fears, your inconvenient truths, or your shit, they will continue to have power over you.

I began to look at the exchange of money; receiving money & spending money.I noticed how just how static the view of giving and receiving is in our modern world.  We view our financial transactions as having an isolated giver and receiver, instead of the reality of the giver being also the receiver and the receiver being also the giver.  As discussed in my earlier piece, Breath of Shakti, the most generous thing you can actually do is to receive everything.  This receiver role has a lot of false cultural negative stigma (like being linked with selfishness) around it today, and (of course) is associated with the feminine polarity which has been made to appear weak, flighty/brainless (thanks Dylan Mulvaney) & passive.

 A pretty clever covert way to dissuade generosity in our world don't you think?

In the reality of energy exchange (which is what financial transactions are), both parties are actually both roles, but many of our transactions and our systems are built from the zero-sum game where one party wins and the other loses.  Because many of our systems are setup this way, it sometimes appears like there isn't a choice but to interact and play within the zero-sum game, where it is only possible for one to win when there is a loser, so we tend to operate from getting our needs met at the expense of others.  But we do have a choice.  With the way the corporatist interests and financial institutions are constructed, it is definitely the road less traveled, and a more difficult one.  Standing for what is true is usually more 'difficult' than what any lie can afford, but the truth carries something that lies can never carry: freedom.  Lies are attached with strings, and require your belief in them to exist, just as our financial institutions do. That's why we have the power to change them, because their existence rests in our belief in them. 

The fiat financial debt-slavery (and if you know how the federal reserve/fractional reserve banking operates you understand how it is a paid slave system) dynamic is changing, it is ending.  With the rise of the feminine polarity, the illusions are beginning to be dismantled, and I believe within our lifetime we will live in a world where the majority of transactions will have a fluidity of mutual benefit, being a win-win scenario.  This sort of 'fluidity' of energy exchange is not so much linear (masculine) but a return to the cyclical feminine, which has been stripped from not only the way we conduct business but our financial system as a whole.  The concept of 'boss' and employee', payer & payee won't be seen as isolated roles, but with each mutually benefiting, by being seen as the other, because in reality, they are (and I'm not talking about CBDC's).

As it has been said, for a man/woman to harness their full power (within sexuality as well) - he must get in touch with the other-- his "feminine" and she, her own "masculine" polarity within. And I don't mean what's currently happening with men running around flightily wearing women's clothes professing to be 'feminine'.  But interestingly you're not really seeing a lot of women dressing up as men running around as violent 'brutes' claiming their 'masculinity'...

"The imagery of Ophiuchus is profound and thought-provoking. The metaphor of a man handling a serpent represents the awakening of our intrinsic HEALING power that lies within our sexual ‘kundalini’ energy. This also introduces the concept of BALANCE as being paramount to health.  Ophiuchus is a man that has awakened and aroused his serpent energy by honoring and balancing his own feminine. It denotes the importance of an introspective nature, taking the time to meditate and getting in alignment with oneself in order to release dormant forces within."
-Cody Milne

‘Ophiuchus,’ also known as the ‘Serpent Bearer’, is the 'deleted' 13th zodiac sign.

So, if there are 13, why do we only talk about 12?

Well, because it's thought-provoking.

And, it's linked to the number 13--the Goddess, which is feminine, and most things associated with the feminine polarity have been pushed away, completely denied, or suppressed. Usually, people push against or deny what they fear: The warrior side of feminine energy that no one really mentions.  This series will go on for the forbidden '13' years, and similar to Ophiuchus, may not be well known now (thanks to internet/social media censorship & shadow-banning), but it will be.

Why is 13 considered a divine 'feminine' number? Because it is the number of moon cycles each year and the female cycle (follicular, ovulatory, luteal & menstrual as shown in this series) flows within those 13 moon cycles. The moon symbolizes feminine energy and can impact not only the fluid waters but the fluid emotions + sensitivities of humanity.

"The sign of Ophiuchus is also symbolic of the return of the Magdalene or the High Priestess. This is the sacred feminine energy that has found self-love through the trials and tribulations of life. The female is a sacred portal on both ends- they can carry the seed of life but also are a portal for communication with the divine and etheric realms...This energy is a call to problem solve through reuniting with the creativity found in our imagination as opposed to the constraints of linear thinking."
-Cody Milne

When almost every word in our English language used to describe something feminine (especially body parts) is also used as an insult to describe someone as powerless or weak, you would never guess that women possess the only force on Earth powerful enough to grow & navigate unborn souls onto this planet.  This raw, uncensored divine feminine power is what our current institutions of power fear.  The creative life-force energy which destroys everything that distorts the sacred truth. It also embodies many of the values and consciousness of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ we recently entered, which makes its deletion an interesting & relevant topic.  This re-emergence is an example of our collective effort to 'bridge the gap' between the polarities within and to integrate the disowned parts of our mind and body.

The veil of the Temple is traditionally behind the High Priestess or the Mother Mary 'Popess', but I have left it out in this depiction to symbolize the dawning of our interest in truth, and leaving behind the illusions of religious dogma.  The serpent is representative of our kundalini inner wisdom and healing power, and the constellation of Ophiuchus is seen blended in on its scales.  The High Priestess imagery is usually shown embellished with palm leaves (symbolic of the male) and pomegranates (symbolic of the female), growing on a tree meant to represent the tree of life.  In my depiction, the 'tree of life' is the figure herself.  We, our bodies, are the tree of life as we come into divine equilibrium with the masculine and feminine polarities within.  As you can probably tell from this email, it is a fitting piece for the most fertile phase (ovulation) with estrogen coming on the scene to release an egg, as well as testosterone being high.  This hormonal chemistry activates the verbal and communicative parts of the brain.

As all is one, all of the constellations of the different signs link to the different parts of our body.  The 13th (which as discussed above has been left out) is linked to the nervous system. So metaphorically and literally through food, chemicals, etc., they had to cut our brain and body connection to gain control of us.  When you control someone's nervous system, you control them.  This goddess fears nothing and stands in her power. A balanced nervous system is the same way.

"49 days after conception, DMT (the God/Spirit molecule) appears in the womb.  Also, 8 little cells appear in the womb which form a Merkabah.  4+9=13 Thirteen is one of the most powerful numbers..."
-Jerry Sergeant, Star Magic Healing

Harnessing this energy and allowing the masculine and feminine polarities to connect and merge within yourself means that you can no longer be manipulated.  The more you know yourself, the more you are at one with everything else, and the more unstoppable you become.

What are you bringing to your transactions? 13 bucks?

See you in a rich June. 💌

P.S. I didn't use AI to write this

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