#40 - Breath of Shakti - Ovulatory

Breath of Shakti

every phase #40 - ovulatory - the 22nd cycle

breath of shakti

What does it mean to be a woman?

What does it mean to be a man?

Outside of biological needs, absolutely fucking nothing.

Nobody can tell you who you are.   Only you can, because It is up to your free will choice.  It is up to you to choose to discover & see yourself for who you really are.

Your authentic self isn't 'invented' or 'created' (not by wearing makeup or putting on 'girl' clothes or 'boy' clothes).  It is discovered, and claimed.  It just is, and always has been, just as your needs and boundaries always have been your truth at the deepest levels.  The truth never needs your permission to exist, but it will still be there when you decide to come around to embracing it.  That's when they say the truth sets you free, but really it's your free will choice to accept the truth that has ended your suffering.

There are biological facts & truths about both of the sexes.  And facts don't have feelings.  The most principle basic difference that cannot be changed (no matter how many surgeries) is within our chromosomes: Females are XX & Males are XY.  We all actually begin as females XX as a fetus, then around 6 or 7 weeks into a pregnancy, the Y chromosome will appear (or not).  This is why males have nipples.

Looking at our culture where almost every word in our English language used to describe something feminine (especially body parts) is also used as an insult to describe someone as powerless or weak, you would never guess that we all start as female.  It's pretty much the same with religion, which that will be an entire series in the future...

As we are all aware, there are some pretty toxic narratives and attacks on not only women, but the feminine polarity (which has nothing to do with gender) on both sides of our modern culture.  The left is mocking women & overtly attacking by allowing biological men (can't change chromosomes) in women's sports, and the right is covertly attacking by ignoring any diminishment to women, focusing on women simply having babies and staying at home while men go out and 'lead' becoming manly again?

Why isn't staying home with the kids 'manly'?

It certainly can be if you want it to be, you are nurturing & protecting your family.  Any of it can be, because the term 'manly' is made up.  But people are living by these terms like what it means to be 'womanly' and 'manly' as if they're facts.  They are collapsing and combining what is 'feminine' and 'masculine' with being a man or a woman.  These two concepts are completely separate. 

The feminine & masculine polarities are energy and they are within every single one of us.  Everyone needs to address both, regardless if you are a biological man or a woman.  If you are a woman that doesn't mean you are only 'feminine' and if you are a man, that doesn't mean you are only 'masculine'.  Our physical bodies are physical expressions of these polarities, but we hold both polarities within because at the higher levels, there is only oneness.  These two polarities are expressions of and two halves of the same whole.  They help us understand the greater truth of unity, and that all is one amongst all living things.  

Both sides of our political & media structure are using gender as a way to divide instead of expressing the truth, which is that these differences actually unite us, because we need both polarities (masculine & feminine), and both genders (male & female) to create, grow & survive.  We are being played with the illusion of division.  Not boundaries, but division.  Boundaries are simply knowing ourselves and what uniquely defines us from others.  Healthy boundaries are the most helpful communication you can have with anyone & bring us closer to others because we know ourselves.  This is the opposite of what the powers that be would like.  The left wants control of your money, and the right wants control of your morals/self-concept (and it could also be argued both sides want both).

In my opinion, both sides fear the awakened feminine.  They fear you and me, awake, not woke. Usually, people push against or deny what they fear: The warrior side of feminine energy that no one really mentions.  The creative life-force energy which destroys everything that distorts the sacred truth.  They feel safer describing women as the only sex that needs protection (males need protection as well) and they present feminine energy in a way that is delicate, fragile, and very 'nice'. Then, the masculine polarity is presented as being the only polarity that carries forth any sort of leadership or action. 

Breathe deep into your sacral chakra (your womb, yes men have this center as well) as we reveal the truth through my second piece inspired by my womb alchemy session with Safa Boga of Kimiya Healing (the magnificent previous guest on my podcast).  The artwork highlights Ovulation, a fertile & magnetic time where both estrogen and testosterone surge, inspiring bold conversations and high-energy activities with others.  Which makes it a perfect time to address this polarizing subject.

The title of this piece came from my experience (in the session with Safa) of breathing up the swirling waters of the womb into my heart space, which allowed me to see through my illusions, and acknowledge myself on a deeper level.  This practice and way of being is related to Kundalini energy & the Hindu mother Goddess Shakti, the divine energy counterpart to Shiva.  I really love this quote from Brett Larkin that describes the relationship of Shakti & Shiva: 

"Shiva represents the masculine aspect of divinity and both represent the masculine and feminine energy of the Universe.  A way to further understand the difference is that Shiva is like the container of pure consciousness while Shakti is the life force inside the container that creates all life around us.  It’s not all daisies and babies, though, Shakti energy is also what fuels Kali, the Goddess of Destruction, whose energy clears paths for new growth." 

This is pretty opposite to our modern distorted perception of feminine energy being 'passive', 'inactive', or not suited for leadership as I recently heard a 'right' side celebrity (Amala Ekpunobi) imply that women aren't suited to be leaders because of 80 hour work weeks & tough decision making.  If you actually educate yourself on the biology of men and women (which does impact our behavior), you will discover the opposite of that statement is actually true. Here's a few facts that disprove this statement (In The Flo p 70-71):

- "Women have a larger prefontal cortex, a region that acts as your brain's CEO and is involved in executive decisions and higher cognitive functions...the PFC is involved in planning, judgement, and organization."

- Women have a "Smaller amygdala:  The brain's fear and anger center...this points to a greater ability to defuse tense situations rather than getting into an all-out brawl.(so women are really higher in negative emotion Jordan Peterson?)

-  Women have a larger corpus callosum:  "The human brain is divided into two hemispheres, left and right, with nerve bundles called the corpus callosum bridging the two sides.  Women possess more of these nerve bundles, providing greater connectivity between the sides, which allows us to harness the power of more regions of our brain when solving problems."

What part of the statements above sounds like someone who passive, or not suited for leadership?

I could list more and more biological facts, but the truth beyond this is that leadership is a free-will choice that can be made by anyone, male or female.  It can be approached in many different ways within a thousand different workflows.  In my opinion, to comment on the original statement above, if you're working 80 hours a week, you're not really running a business, it's running you.  But it may make your ego feel better to say you work that much because you're still trying to prove something to yourself and to others, but that's a piece for another day.

If you want to fly a jet while pregnant in the military, do that! If you want to stay home and take care of your kids do that! But to say you should or shouldn't or can or can't make a free-will individual choice because of what's between your legs (what you were born with, your biology) is ridiculous and false. 

So what is a woman?  What is a man?  Decide for yourself.  Decide who you are.  And it isn't dependent on pronouns or body parts.

See you in a clarifying May. 💌

P.S. I didn't use AI to write this

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