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During the menstrual phase, the communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain is more powerful than any other time. I sometimes call this the most 'psychic' or intuitive phase. 

We all know that there's blood and tons of hormonal imbalances like cramps that appear, but what most don't know is what the brain is primed for. 

In my opinion, this is the real superhero phase.

The brain chemistry during this time allows for judiciously evaluating how you're doing in life--what worked and what didn't work over the past 28-32 days in the previous 3 phases.  What do I keep? What am I taking with me into the next phase?  Without this evaluation time, all you really move forward with is crappy, unwanted things.

It's prime time to listen and receive the answers to our questions. Because of all that shedding happening in and out of the body, it's beneficial to remember that not every battle is worth fighting and most do not need our intervention--they may turn out to benefit us if we allow.  

The Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta is known for its splendor and color.  They are associated with the Element of Air because they are lung breathers.  So they bring and share with us that there are times in our lives that we simply need to stop and breathe.  The Betta reminds us to not get into situations so deep that we forget the core of the issues.  

I chose the Betta in this piece as it symbolizes the balance in our left and right brain hemispheres that occurs during menstruation.  They have historically symbolized the 'balance' of masculine & feminine energy because it is actually the male that tends to the young and cares for the nest, defending and nurturing them. 

My betta, Deedle (pictured above), reminds me of the traditional Betta symbolism: to be independent, stand up for what we believe in, trust our intuition, and set the boundaries we need.  Our intuitive nature is actually strongest when we form a relationship with the element of water, another reason I chose to create this swimming piece for this phase, which is more evident in the video above.

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