#39 - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen - Follicular

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

every phase #39 - follicular - the 21st cycle


Inspired by my womb alchemy session with Safa Boga of Kimiya Healing 

(the magnificent previous guest on my podcast), I decided to put it in a poem.  It is after all the follicular phase, a time of discovering new methods and trying out new things.  

The poem illustrates the relationship of the masculine and feminine polarities, and particularly highlights our misrepresentation of the feminine or our relationship with 'receiving'.  Just as the Reiki symbol, "Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen" serves as a bridge for distance healing, this idea serves as a bridge to our next phase, ovulation, where I will be demystifying the masculine and feminine polarities (nothing to do with gender) & how they impact sexuality and energy, as well as the distortions around them. 

Particularly the feminine, since almost every word in our English language used to describe something feminine (especially body parts) is also used as an insult to describe someone as powerless or weak...

Is giving really generous

when there is no one to receive?

Being cheap is dangerous,

with your power you cannot see.

I see that I am prosperous

so I make art to set you free.

When there is no one to receive

there is no one to call 'giver'

because a gift is only perceived,

when received by one who considers

that generosity is receiving

and the receiver is the giver.

Being cheap is dangerous

living in this lack illusion,

are your creations generous?

Their gift is your restitution.

All that exists is abundance,

that truth starts a revolution.

With your power you cannot see,

first, you must be willing

to see the reality

that truth is patiently sitting,

waiting for us to perceive

that there is nowhere else to be.

I saw that I was prosperous,

sitting in that place.

Money became humourous

as I looked back at the 'chase'.

Understand you must be generous,

when you have built this bountiful space.

So I make art to set you free,

not to sacrifice or martyr

but to birth the reality

that this piece is but a barter,

shared by the creator and me.

My cup overflows, bridging divinity. 

See you in a bombshell April. 💌

P.S. I didn't use AI to write this

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