#37 - Dawn of the Follicles - Follicular

Dawn of the Follicles

every phase #37 - follicular - the 19th cycle

dawn of the follicles

I got present and

saw everything that really

matters costs nothing

For some things to begin, some things have to end.

Not only are we ending & beginning the new year (on our false Gregorian calendar created for taxes), but we are ending & beginning a new age (about 2000 years).

The end of the Age of Pisces (illusion & religious dogma) and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (truth & sovereignty).

I have decided to become much more present in the 19th cycle of this visual journey with a new beginning in the follicular phase.  I decided to enjoy. Enjoy what I'm doing right now in this very moment, including writing this. In doing this I started to see how everything that matters is mostly something that adds to you or fills you up -- like a 'deposit' instead of something that 'costs' you.

The newest 4 legged pitbull member of my family reminded me of what really matters in life.

He staggered into my front yard, interrupted my life (and my cash flow $), and invited me to show him what I really care about.  An invitation to show who I really am.I chose to show him what it is like to heal by creating a home for him.

My period interrupted my life like that.  It invited me to look at what's really important.

The silver lining of 'dying' every month is realizing the beauty of this life and beginning to cut out the plethora of petty worries & crap.  That painful interruption was an invitation to make a choice.  An invitation to "see yourself for who you really are..."

So, as you attend self-help workshops and New Year's Resolution events, you will come to find you were always the thing you were looking for. And, it was always free. But sometimes we have to spend a little money to realize it didn't cost anything.

In the follicular phase, the hypothalamus signals the pituitary gland to send follicle-stimulating hormone to your ovaries, and they get ready to release another egg.  This is the time for planning a new beginning and creating a roadmap for where we want to go.  

What follicles are you forming?

On the deepest levels, all there is= Love & Free will choice.  Everything leads us back there.

I have chosen to make this 3rd year of the Every Phase series a cyanotype year. All of my work this year will be 'True Blue' both in color & interpretation.

The format will remain monthly with the 4 phases divided seasonally, starting off with the first 3 months as...

Follicular (Winter turning to Spring), the next as

Ovulatory (Spring into Summer), then

Luteal (Summer turning to Fall), then completing the year with

Menstrual (Fall turning to Winter).

Each season brings weather that is reflected in our monthly cycles.  This format honors the weekly phase of body + brain chemistry and illustrates it's place in the completion of a cycle over the course of the month.

The art celebrates the phase, its place within the cycle, and the cycle's place within the season.

*Also, If you're wondering where last year's last 2 menstrual phase pieces are, they will make a special appearance in my next book...

See you in a love yourself February. 💌

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