#34 - Speak Your Truth - Menstrual

Speak Your Truth

every phase #34 - menstrual - the 16th cycle

speak your truth

Her justice is born

when she speaks her truth and sits

with her deepest pain

When I was able to sit with my pain and ask it what it needed, I found that my liberation would be realized through acceptance.  Acceptance of myself and my body--and it's a never-ending journey.  Your freedom is claimed by being able to be with yourself, thereby knowing your truth and claiming yourself.

Acceptance doesn't mean to stop wanting to grow, to develop or change.

Acceptance means having the courage to face yourself (or face your shit), who you are, what you are.

Being able to be with yourself and not check out through coping mechanisms like TV, alcohol, drugs, a glossed-over 'positive pump-up', etc., no matter how bad it feels.  It's only after embracing and acknowledging ourselves fully that any actual change or liberation can occur.

"We spend so much time trying to fight the way we are and pay for so many things to try to fix it."

-Teal Swan

We ended the luteal phase by exploring our ability to listen.  Listening to our boundaries & our discernment.  Because we have heard, let's kick off the menstrual phase by using our voice.  Here's some of my message to myself...

Stop looking for your power outside of yourself.

It's not with others, or if they like you or this email.  

It never will be there.

Your true power and the true value of your art will never be determined by your sales, the market, and other people's reactions to it.

Your power is eternal, and it is inside of you.

Look for it within all of the parts of you.

The parts you've denied and rejected.

With all of your needs.

When you can become choice, that's power.

When you are that which you choose instead of by default being a conglomerate of rejected and suppressed emotions & unmet needs.

And further than that, realize that all you are is awareness.

In order to speak our truth in a way where we don't feel like a dick, we must first know ourselves.  Know your truth, your needs, what defines you (boundaries), and be solid about it, knowing it may change as you change.  Know who you are --a divine being that is indivisible from creation & God. 

Knowing this, and acting in integrity with this truth, you will speak up for what you deserve.

During the menstrual phase, the corpus luteum (the follicle from which the egg was released and which grows inside the ovary during the luteal phase) is reabsorbed & a drop in progesterone triggers the uterus to shed the endometrial lining--which is your period (In the Flo pg 69).

The corpus luteum is reabsorbed by the body because there was no pregnancy.

However, due to the communication between the right and left brain hemispheres being more powerful than any other phase (Womancode pg 152), you are biologically primed to receive some powerful intuitive messages about your needs, and what is true for you.

Instead of the birth of a child, your period is the birth of your truth.

When you're able to be with yourself through all the shit, everything becomes possible.

Your body is always listening.  What are you telling it?

See you in a surging November. 💌

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