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every phase #33 - Luteal - the 15th cycle


We left off in our story, reaffirming that sustained healing is actually spiritual.  It is a choice.  Dependent upon the free will of the individual to enter their own unique path of enlightenment & expansion, or choosing not to...

After learning that the beggars were angry with him for healing them (because now they actually had to work to make an honest living), and more importantly, recognizing that physical healing, or curing the outward expression of the symptoms doesn't heal the root cause, and it will reappear until that has happened, Mikao Usui took Reiki on foot through Japan, lecturing and practicing.  This is how he met Chujiro Hayashi, a retired naval officer still on reserve status.  Hayashi actually became his successor after Usui passed in 1930, having made 16-18 Reiki Masters (including Hayashi).  Hayashi trained 16 Reiki Masters in his lifetime, as well as teams of Reiki practitioners, both men and women. One day, a 34-year-old woman named Hawayo Takata came for healing in Tokyo, at the Shina No Machi clinic in 1935.

After becoming widowed in October 1930 with two small children to raise on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, Hawayo Takata developed nervous exhaustion and severe physical issues.  She required surgery for her gall bladder disease but had a respiratory condition that made using anesthesia very dangerous for her. She was told that she would not live without surgery, but the surgery might kill her.  Her health kept deteriorating and she soon entered the Maeda Medical Hospital in Alaska.  She rested in the hospital for several weeks before her surgery, where she was also diagnosed with appendicitis, a tumor, and gallstones. 

The night before her surgery she heard a voice saying, "The operation is not necessary."  While on the operating table, she heard it again louder and clearer, while being prepped for anesthetic.  She propped herself up and asked the surgeon if there was another way for her to heal.  The doctor told her, yes, but she would need to travel to Japan and stay there long enough for it.  She got up and left for the Reiki clinic that day.

After staying at the Reiki clinic, Takata was wholly healed in body, mind, and spirit in 4 months.  She asked to be trained in Reiki and was refused at first because she was a foreigner (from Hawaii) & Hayashi did not want the practice of Reiki to travel outside of Japan at that time.  The surgeon actually advocated for Takata to receive training (because his sister had been healed by some of the Reiki practitioners), and Hayashi eventually accepted and trained her.  She lived and worked in Japan for two years at the clinic, and in 1937 she received her Reiki II (the 2nd attunement, and the one preceding the master attunement) and returned to her home in Hawaii where she opened a clinic in Kapaa.  The following winter, Hayashi visited Takata in Hawaii where they did a lecture tour together, she received her Reiki III training, her master attunement, and he announced her as the successor to his practice.  He also told her that he would summon her one day, and when he did, she was to come to Japan immediately. 

A few years later in 1941, she woke up one morning to a psychic vision of Hayashi standing at the foot of her bed, which she knew was the sign to go see him in Japan.  When she arrived at the clinic, Hayashi told her that a great war was coming, and all that was involved with Reiki would be lost.  This was a large part of the reason he made Takata his successor because he feared that Reiki would become totally lost to the world one day.  He also informed her that as a naval reserve officer he had been drafted, and as a healer and medic he would not take life, so he chose to accept his own death instead.  In the presence of his students, he stopped his own heart psychically and died.

It is no irony that the location where miracle Reiki healing took place, as Jesus and Buddha healed, without pharmaceuticals, was where the US (beginning to practice big pharma Rockefeller medicine) deployed the world's first atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The great war Hayashi predicted, where he saw everyone dying and on fire, was World War II.  Hayashi's wife survived, but their house and clinic were taken over by the Occupation, and Reiki was indeed, no longer available in Japan. 

The future of Reiki rested in Takata and Hayashi's free will choice to listen.  When we awaken to becoming conscious to all the different aspects of ourselves, we essentially become choice.  And beyond that, we become awareness. Because Takata listened to that voice one day that said, "The operation is not necessary," she was now the future of Reiki, and the means by which it continues today.  She spread Reiki across the United States, Canada, and Europe where all Reiki lineage lines, including my own, root back to her.  And if Hayashi had not listened to his vision of a great war, there would be no Takata lineage, no Reiki, and I wouldn't be able to talk to you about this today, because it wouldn't exist.

Without being able to listen, we never receive the answers to the issues we face.  If I had not listened to my own intuition, these art pieces wouldn't exist.  I would have believed the doctors who told me I would always have pain unless I had a hysterectomy, or went on drugs like Lupron, which have been found guilty of criminal charges like bribing doctors, yet is still pushed by OBGYN's today.  Lupron is actually given to some women when they are transitioning to become male, with common side effects for women like your voice deepening + facial hair because of the removal of estrogen.

Essentially, mainstream medicine's answer to treating endometriosis for women, is to become a man.   I knew this was not the answer to healing, so I listened to my body and the voice within.

You can only listen to yourself to the degree that you know yourself.  Listening to your thoughts and emotions are the first steps to understanding yourself, as they go hand in hand.  Knowing what's your voice and what isn't yours, as well as what defines you is knowing your boundaries.  To know yourself is to know your boundaries, and you can only be authentic and real with others to the level that you know yourself.  During the luteal phase, your brain is primed for discernment.  Taking care of whatever needs completing, knowing what to let go of, and deciding what's important.  Progesterone rises, and the body and brain prepare for the 'winter' or Menstrual phase, where decisions are reviewed, and because of the increased communication between the left and right brain during this time, intuitive messages are received.

Your body is always speaking to you.  Are you listening?

See you in a revealing October for the first Menstrual phase. 💌

Sugar + your hormones...

The science from floliving.com >>>

Our bodies and brains need glucose as fuel – so we do need some sugar, just not as much as you’re probably eating at this time. It takes a concerted effort to avoid over-consuming sugar and to keep your blood sugar in check. Your endocrine system perceives mismanaged blood sugar as a stressor. Your adrenals glands respond by sending out a lot of cortisol (the stress hormone) and adrenaline. This begins the hormonal havoc. 

Here’s a breakdown:   

- When you eat sugar or carb-based food it stimulates your insulin response. Your metabolism is designed to preserve the glucose you receive from carbs or sugar, because your body and brain needs it for fuel.

- Sucrose and other kinds of sugars have to be converted into glucose for your body. The only way the glucose can get into the cells in your body that need it is with insulin. When you eat a lot of sugar or carbs, and there’s a ton of glucose in your system, your body sends out lots of insulin to deal with this.

- Your body is saying – “I want to save this glucose for the brain and body now as we don’t know if we’ll get it again” (consider this evolutionarily – early woman only got glucose via fruits and berries very occasionally). Our bodies are actually better designed to get fuel from fat than from sugar.

- The glucose in your body enters the cells, but there’s excess insulin and glucose. Your body doesn’t need all that much glucose and cannot use it all. It is then packaged up as glycogen. This is why sugar-holics, like alcoholics, can have fatty liver disease.

- This glucose over-exposure saturates your cells and sends your blood sugar levels soaring and then crashing. A glucose and insulin spike disrupts ovulation – preventing your hormones from triggering ovulation and the creation of progesterone as a result of ovulation. Disrupted ovulation causes hormonal imbalance – without ovulation you cannot produce progesterone, which leads to estrogen dominance.

- Your fat cells in your body secrete estrogen. The more sugar you eat, the more fat cells you create, the more estrogen they secrete. This estrogen adds to the estrogen your endocrine system produces. Add in xenoestrogens in our environment. You’re set up for estrogen dominance, progesterone deficiency, and hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance is a root cause of common issues like PMS, cramps, irregular cycles, acne, along with PCOS and infertility issues.

- If you have insulin-resistant PCOS then having excess glucose in your bloodstream will cause inflammation, which leads to many chronic health issues.

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