#31 - The 1st Attunement - Luteal

The 1st Attunement

every phase #31 - Luteal - the 13th cycle

the 1st attunement

I have covered many different concepts, resources and practices that helped me to end my suffering with Endometriosis.  All of which involve completely stepping into the storm of suffering to face it, move through it, and integrate it, which ends it by going straight to the root.  The most humble and powerful embodiment of this healing process is one I practice almost daily, but have not covered until now, and that is Reiki. 

I'm really putting this story in a very large nutshell, because the true origins of Reiki are universal and a part of every one of us, never meant to be lost--practiced by Gautama Siddhartha--Buddha, Jesus and many others.  The word Reiki actually means the vital life force flowing through all living things.  The elaboration of the history we will explore in the future, but for the purposes of illustrating how Reiki was revealed, we continue where we left off with our story......

On the final morning of Mikao Usui's 'test' he made for himself, in the darkest hour when he had almost completely given up...

...As he was throwing away the 21st stone to mark the end of the 21st day, he saw an orb of glowing light rise from the river below and fly up the hillside to meet him at eye level.  He was scared but decided to face what was coming, and the answer to his meditation even if that meant death. 

He spoke to the light saying, "Give me the answers if I am worthy."  It came closer to him, enveloped his head and there were symbols drawn in the orb's watery light.  As he saw the symbols, he received information on how to activate the healing energy they contain.  This experience was the first Reiki 'attunement' and marked the 'rediscovery' of an ancient healing practice.  These symbols would come to be known as the 3 Primary working Reiki symbols as well as the Master symbology.  

Mikao Usui left Mt. Koriyama knowing how to heal as Buddha & Jesus had healed.  As he began to walk down the mountain, he experienced what is known as the four miracles......And the rest of the story continues as we settle into the Luteal Phase in August, moving closer to Fall...

When I received my Reiki attunement in 2015, my life changed forever.  It was the beginning of my integration & healing and helped to lead me to where I am now, writing this.  It was the very humble beginning of me becoming connected to myself, and through knowing myself, knowing others, becoming connected to the life force between all things.  This cycle on the inside is beautifully mirrored by what we see on the outside in the nature of the seasons.

Of all the phases, the luteal phase is the one I would say I most resonate with.  There is a peak in estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and then a decline as we move into the 'winter' or Menstrual phase.  This face is all about getting clear.  There's a real 'cut the crap' energy about this phase that I really enjoy.  Not the 'bitch' or 'PMS' label that society has named this phase--which only occurs if you have not detoxed excess estrogen and are imbalanced--but it's the phase of discernment, of completing whatever is unresolved. 

It's the time to face whatever is still there, just as Usui did, and by having the discernment, receiving the answers.

See you in a wild August. 💌

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