#3 Wedding Dress - Luteal

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wedding dress

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A wedding dress is, arguably, one of the most memorable items of clothing a woman will ever wear, but after the wedding day, it is rarely seen again. Incorporating my unique scanography process, I have created a way for the dress to live on as a captivating and dynamic life size piece of art that will last as an heirloom forever.

Brides only gets to wear their dress for a few hours on one day and she has often put a lot of time and thought into it.  I know I did--my wedding dress in this piece was actually my mom's that I worked with a designer to modernize and match my style.  

Weddings remind me of the luteal phase---or I like to call it, the getting shit done phase.

Your brain is primed for organization + completing tasks and reviewing what was started during the Follicular week and didn't get done. It feel so good to wrap it up and even better to start to turn inward.It's a sort of 'nesting' time before the menstrual phase, so there's also a nurturing component to the way I work during this time.  Which is very similar to a wedding, where there's a thousand details to tend to, and a need to complete them in the most loving way possible while dealing with your friends and family 😅.

The particular ratio of estrogen to progesterone in this phase allows you to notice the details--the things around you that you didn't see before in the follicular or ovulatory phases.  As a result, your brain begins to prioritize detail-driven responsibilities you may have ignored all month (or longer).

*Info above from In the FLO

Art speaks where words are unable to explain.  
The dress must live on through art.

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