#27 From the Inside Out - Follicular

every phase #27 - from the inside out - the 9th cycle

from the inside out

Live from the inside out.

When you live this way, you can't get it wrong, because all of what you see on the outside just shows you more about yourself, and what you have created.

Everything on the outside matches something within.  Not a judgment about you, but a very rich mirror reflection. 

The more we live this way, the faster the identification of the answer. So, whenever you see something on the outside you don't want, go inside to see why or change it.

Most people live the other way around--from the outside in.

Identifying problems on the outside and instead of looking within for the reason why or for the treatment, they treat it from the outside.

Which usually doesn't yield any sustainable healing because it was never actually treating the issue (even though it seemed like it).  It was treating what the internal issue had become already on the outside.  Basically, most people try to treat the effects, thinking it's going to impact the cause.

Finding the root cause within is finding the healing, the freedom, the truth.  Treating symptoms, (like pain) or the effect, without addressing the cause just leads to the same issue on repeat.

Winter turned to Spring just as the Menstrual phase turned to the Follicular in 2022, and now the Follicular phase begins to move towards Ovulation.  Fueled by FSH in the follicular phase, and then a dramatic rise in estrogen and LH, one lucky follicle matures fully and is released into one of the fallopian tubes.

The egg makes it's way down this tube to the Uterus where, thanks to those rising estrogen levels, the uterine lining had grown lush with a host of protective immune system cells that have just sprouted.

(for more info on the science see In the FLO)

You are the creator so your world will be however you create it.  Love yourself so that the reflection of the world you see on the outside can match because that's all there is.

See you in April. 🌦️

Info from floliving.com >>>

March is endometriosis awareness month... 

Endometriosis will affect one in ten women in her lifetime.  

This is a startling statistic that highlights how women’s healthcare has taken a backseat to other priorities in conventional health and medicine. 

Guess what? You can take steps to ease the symptoms of endometriosis. As a condition that involves immune system dysregulation, hormone imbalances, and inflammation, endometriosis responds to targeted lifestyle strategies.  

When it comes to Endo, there are several factors behind the condition: 

1) A faulty immune system response. In women with endometriosis, the immune system fails to destroy the endometrial tissue that lands outside the uterus.

2) Excess estrogen in the body. Unfortunately, and simply by virtue of the world we live in today, excess estrogen in women (and many men) is more the norm than the exception. This overload of estrogen can fuel endometriosis in some women.

3) Inflammation. Inflammation, like estrogen excess, is driven by lifestyle. What we eat and the toxins we are exposed to—and how well our bodies can detox them—drive inflammation and fuel endometriosis.

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