#26 In to me see /Intimacy - Follicular

Dismantle Illusions

every phase #26 - follicular - the 8th cycle

in to me see

I found a mirror

and in to me I saw my

voice on the pelvic floor

Suffering happens when we don't meet our pain. 

When we don't listen to it, deny that it's there, when we bury it for politically correct reasons, or to be liked and approved of by others.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering really is optional.

Really, yes.  OH yes.

How do I know this?

From facing & not facing my own pain with 17 years of Endometriosis.

A perfect subject for the follicular phase--when we start to creatively plan--where we get to decide what our attention goes towards. 

Not facing your shame/pain is the root of why most people fear intimacy.

Intimacy can be translated to in-to-me-see.  It's a fundamental human need--a connection to what's real.  A connection to yourself and others.Intimacy is truly being heard and seen by someone and loved for who you are instead of just what you can provide to someone else or accomplish.

Most of our relationships are transactional this way, so to experience real intimacy (which has nothing to do with sex which you've probably already realized) is a real treasure.  And once you taste the freedom of that, you won't want any other kind of relationship, because you will recognize anything other than authentic as truly a waste of time.

Emotions are our internal compass, they are loyal friends.  They may not always be gentle or nice, but they are the map to figuring out what we really want and need.

They show us the truth about ourselves.  The truth about where we have violated our own boundaries.

"The reality is, the womb is an integrated system inherently connected to our throat and our heart - our centre of intelligence and knowing and our ability to speak our truth."

- Safa, creator of kimiya healing

There is this really horrible trend I've noticed of invalidating our emotions in the spiritual and personal development space.  The notion that we must only listen to that which is positive, and not dwell in the darker parts of ourselves.  Or, even better, hiding behind books about positive thinking and personal responsibility as a way to lie to ourselves pretending that others don't impact us and that everything is within our control.

I highly disagree with this methodology.  It breeds the opposite of self-love: Denial, narcissism, codependency & fragmentation.

The darker, ugly, not at all positive parts are crying out for us to see me! Hear me!  They are only dark and harsh because we have ignored them so long, but they hold the answers to all that we are seeking.

Real sustained healing isn't about putting on a mask or reading a book to bypass what your real problems are.  It's about integration--to love is to accept and take something on as part of yourself. Going towards your shame, your pain, not to try to fix (because you are not broken), but to finally listen, accept, love & integrate the parts of ourselves that we have disconnected from.

See you in March. 🍀

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