#25 Dismantle Illusions - Follicular

Dismantle Illusions

every phase #25 - follicular - the 7th cycle

dismantle illusions

Pain is what it took for me to become authentic.

In my experience, the reward for being authentic is always healing.

In order to even become authentic and true to ourselves we must be willing to look at the unwanted parts within ourselves--the scared parts, the insecure parts, our own shadow.

Paying attention to and really looking at my pain was the best thing I ever did.  The more I look at the painful parts, the more healing I gain and answers I receive.

This Follicular Phase begins the 7th cycle of this visual journey, and the hypothalamus kicks off this 'fresh-start' hormonal process signaling the pituitary gland to send follicle-stimulating hormone to your ovaries, telling them to get ready to release another egg.  It's when we start to creatively plan--where we get to decide what our attention goes towards. 

This also marks the start of a new format for the Every Phase series in 2022.

Within the desire to keep the work intimate, real & in alignment with the infradian rhythm, I zoomed out a bit.  I decided to align the cycles within the year, shifting from a weekly creation to a monthly focus.

The 4 phases will be divided seasonally, starting off with the first 3 as...

Follicular (Winter turning to Spring), the next as

Ovulatory (Spring into Summer), then

Luteal (Summer turning to Fall), then completing the year with

Menstrual (Fall turning to Winter).

The weather of the seasons is mirrored within our monthly cycles.  This change in format for the series is the perfect transition from looking at the weekly body/brain chemistry to how it comes together as a complete cycle over the course of the month.

The art gets to be the visual experience of that month, celebrating the seasonal phase.

Face your shit, heal yourself, and be unapologetically authentic. 

Dismantle inauthentic illusions.

See you in February. 💖

The secret to biohacking your cycle...

The science from floliving.com >>>

Did you know the infradian rhythm (also known as your 28-day hormonal cycle) creates a 25% change in your brain chemistry over the course of each month? 

For women, the key to optimal hormonal health — and overall health — is to eat, move, supplement, and live in line with the infradian rhythm. 

The infradian rhythm can be broken down into four distinct phases: 

Follicular: Right after your period ends, you can feel fatigued and less focused, so it's crucial to keep your blood sugar balanced.

Ovulatory: It’s very common for excess estrogen during this phase to trigger ovarian pain and acne. Balanced estrogen levels are key for clear skin all month long and healthy weight maintenance. Helping the body detox estrogen efficiently and effectively also helps reduce PMS symptoms like cramps and bloating.

Luteal: Metabolism is naturally higher during the luteal phase of the cycle. Your ability to burn calories goes up — but so does food cravings. During this phase, it’s critical to maintain balanced blood sugar, so taking a supplement that supports blood sugar stability can be really helpful.

Menstrual: During the menstrual phase of your cycle, your uterus needs support to reduce inflammation and soothe cramps. 

Build energy in your follicular phase with CoQ10 

CoQ10 helps support balanced blood sugar, which is essential for maintaining healthy hormones. It also helps promote good ovarian response and egg health. CoQ10 is important for protecting your fertility now and in the future. 

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