#23 The Sword of Truth - Luteal

every phase #23 - luteal - the 6th cycle

the sword of truth

What surprised me most about when I healed myself and learned hormonal information that could help all women, (especially those with endometriosis) is the number of people that were not ready to acknowledge this as being true.

And also the number of people that choose suffering from their disease over the truth that it is possible to heal yourself and become sovereign.  Most people were not ready to come out of their painful illusion, and there is no shame in that.  The important part is having the awareness to recognize that's where you're at.  And oh yeah, I've been there.

Most people have a complicated relationship with the truth.  Essentially, the more powerless you are, or the least amount of responsibility you take, the less OK with the truth you usually are.Whatever a truth destabilizes or destroys--wasn't actually there in the first place--it was an illusion.  However, the illusion can give people a false sense of stability which they may 'trade-in' over the truth to give them a feeling of power and security when in reality, facing and accepting the truth is the only way to any kind of power or freedom.

The truth is the answer we are asking for.  The problem comes when we are resistant to the consequences that come from the truth.  In the universe of cause and effect that we live in, there is no cause that doesn't have a positive or negative consequence.  Therefore, you cannot prevent the effect of a cause.

The luteal phase is a time of completion--tying up loose ends and looking at shedding or in this case, 'cutting', what isn't serving you any longer.  The ratio of estrogen to progesterone allows me to notice things I didn't see before.  The corpus luteum expands and then is reabsorbed, which causes the focus to turn inward.  

Here's some truth I saw from turning inward....

I have been trying to marry play and work and you can't marry two opposing sides, or the view of them not belonging together.  Not a happy marriage.   I want them to belong together, but they haven't been 'together' for me.  I thought work can be fun and playful but play is never really work. 

Upon further thought well, yes it is, just not the kind where you're a slave to it.  Its only 'work' because of the perceived effort or physical experience.  It isn't work in the sense of fulfilling one job for a  master, or project, or (fill in the blank)_________ whatever.

So they can actually be married when I look at or define work as simply the physical effort.  Then yes, they work together.

Yet, it's really all driven by play.  The play is what seems to make the efforting have a point, a purpose.  It's what makes it worth it.  And the work allows you to experience play through whatever movement, media, etc. So for me, I realized I should play more because it is what's behind the action.  And everything else.And to do it for that reason instead of checking off the task list for work.  

I asked myself, "Why does that feel so satisfying then?"

Because it is an illusion.  you are letting go of the pressure on yourself so no shit it does feel good when you get stuff done only because you created the pressure on yourself in the first place.  

So yeah, the only thing you can ever be free from is your own resistance.

I named this piece after the story of the sword of Archangel Michael.  Most people have heard of Michael as a male being only, however, Michael has a Divine counterpart, Archangel Michaella. They are twin flames, who when in one Light body only appear (to us) as Archangel Michael. This dual-natured archangel is also the protector of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine energy, and the “unio conjunctio”, or sacred marriage. Sacred Marriage can be between the inner male and female in an individual, or between a man and woman in separate bodies. 

The Sword of Truth is the symbol for alignment with and protection of Divine Truth. The female counterpart to the Sword is the Holy Grail, which is the symbol for the Goddess and for sacred marriage.  When you are initiated as a carrier of the Sword of Truth and the Holy Grail, you are required to make a commitment to honoring the sacredness in all things and people, to never use the Sword of Truth for harm, to protect innocence, and to be receptive to Divine Truth at all times.

*info above from livinginmana.com

Acknowledging Michael, I face the truth and feel the freedom of facing the wholeness of it, flaws and all, and cut away the ball & chain of denial, distortions, and lies.

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