#20 Off the Plantation - Menstrual

every phase #20 - off the plantation - the 5th cycle

off the plantation

off the plantation of

standing for limitations

all disease is healed

As the fifth cycle comes full circle, I have been looking back on the written and visual creations that have created the 'Every Phase' landscape. 

When we make the jump off of the plantation of arguing for our limitations is when healing can begin.  When I look back to when I was on that plantation, so much of my life was filled with how 'chronic' something was and how it's 'incurable', and how much focus was put on treating symptoms instead of facing the root of the disease- physically & mentally. 

Our world is obsessed with anything that healthcare deems as 'incurable' or 'chronic'.  And of course they would be, healing and sustainability and empowerment from within don't generate consistent 💲 income.  This model relies on you staying on the plantation.  Under the direction of the plantation owners.

In the world we live, if you suffer (and stay on the plantation) long enough, they will build you a statue. 

As you can probably tell by this piece (and all of my art), I realized that I was the master on the plantation.  I was the guard, I was the slave, I was the master, I was the janitor, I was everything.  Upon gaining the awareness that I'm the only one holding the key to the prison I'm in, the plantation of sexual trauma and endometriosis 'chronic' & 'incurable' pain began to disappear.  This realization was the first step towards my pain source becoming my power source. 

Ask yourself, who is your master?

Is it you? Is it a condition? Fear, addiction, or trauma?

There's a lot of research and answers out there, but we have to make the jump off of the plantation from the familiar places, institutions and arguments for limitations that we've been told are 'true'.As hormone levels decline to their lowest during the menstrual phase, this creates the greatest communication between the two brain hemispheres (the left and the right). This means you're best able to judiciously evaluate how you're doing in life--what worked and what didn't work over the past 28-32 days in the previous 3 phases.  Review and strategize where you want to go in terms of the bigger picture of your life.  Which prisons or plantations, if any, are you ready to let yourself out of?

Facing or denying determines the course of all future actions.  Face some seemingly 'inconvenient truths' and the truth will set you free.

& in case you've forgotten, I love you 💌

The period of the universe, 

or 'Mercury Retrograde' as most people refer to it -- will be upon us starting September 27th!

In proper respect for the infradian & circadian rhythms & not to mention the powerful insights and awarenesses that come to me during my period, I will be pausing on the series during this time. I suggest you do the same.  It's a time to evaluate and choose what you would like to move forward with. Unless we look at what we would like to let go of + look inward, we're only moving forward with all of the crap we don't want.  If you decide to grind it out during this time you most likely are going to run into some problems. 😅

After the last phase of this cycle (menstrual), you will hear from me again starting October 23rd beginning the 6th cycle of the series within the fresh & energetic follicular phase 🌷

Don't believe the hype about Mercury Retrograde!

It's OK to chill + do anything that begins with the prefix 're-'

To learn more, check out the video explaining all about Mercury and Mercury Retrograde below. 

The Little Known Issue Almost All Menstrual Problems Have In Common...

Women of all ages, histories, and “official” diagnoses complaining of the exact same symptoms. Whether they’re dealing with ovarian cysts, fibroids, or conditions like PCOS or endometriosis (or they don’t know what they’re dealing with), they’re battling the same hormonal issues every day — from PMS and hormonal acne to crazy periods and weight gain, and more. 

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you’re unfortunately in good company and you’re dealing with an unbelievably common, root cause of hormonal dysfunction called estrogen dominance. 

What Is Estrogen Dominance? 

You probably know that estrogen is the female sex hormone and it’s mainly produced in the ovaries thanks to your fat cells and the adrenal gland. It’s a super important chemical messenger that — when in balance — helps regulate your period. It also plays a big role in pregnancy, bone formation, blood clotting, and more. 

So yes, estrogen is a beautiful thing when it’s in balance with your other hormones. But when too much of it builds up in the body or there’s too much in relation to progesterone, it results in a condition called estrogen dominance. There are lots of reasons your levels of estrogen can be tipped in this way, including stress, poor sleep, the use of synthetic estrogens like the birth control pill, pesticides in your food, and chemicals in your environment. And even if you do your best to ensure absolutely stellar self-care, you may still be exposing yourself to all sorts of excess estrogens because we’re all constantly surrounded by endocrine disruptors – in everything from our furniture to our nail polish. Scary, right? 

Why Is Too Much Estrogen Bad For You? 

Again, hormones are all about balance. When your levels are thrown off in any direction, it inevitably initiates a dangerous chain reaction that can have devastating effects on your health and happiness. In the case of estrogen dominance, the imbalance can cause all kinds of unpleasant symptoms like irritability and fatigue, but it’s also been linked to major, permanent problems like infertility and even cancer. if you have estrogen dominance, there are long-term health effects for those struggling with this hormonal imbalance. Over the years and decades, a persistent estrogen overload increases the risk of many diseases and health issues including: 

- Female cancers, particularly breast cancer

- Hypertension

- Diabetes

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