#17 Faithful Tides - Follicular

every phase #17 - follicular - the 5th cycle

faithful tides

The quiet phase of hormones - the onset of the follicular phase.Its a lot like standing on the beach at night.  The seemingly infinite vast depth and stretch of the ocean as it shapes the horizon line.  Our perspective from where we stand can have us feel so small, yet in rhythm with the largeness.

The small hypothalamus in the brain kicks off a very large responsibility and process, signaling the pituitary gland to deliver FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) to the ovaries, helping some of the eggs mature as estrogen rises.

I created this photograph to embody what washing away the doubt would look like.  What would it look like to exfoliate your fear just as the sand does your skin?

Fear tolerated is faith contaminated.

One of the most powerful practices I incorporated while healing myself was to stop wondering and just know.  Worrying literally accomplishes nothing except having you feel crappier.  Living in fear is what creates disease. 

When your faith is strong, there is no need to explain yourself to anyone, or resist against anything.  You can simply stand in your authenticity & belief, because your faith and the truth are sustainable on their own--they don't require anyone else for reassurance.

& in case you've forgotten, I love you 💌

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