#16 Thought Provoker Part II - Menstrual

every phase #16 - menstrual - the 4th cycle

thought provoker part II

I often get the question (in regards to healing myself from endo):

What did you do?!

While there were many physical outward things I did, the most effective was inward.  I listened.

But first, you have to be ready to listen. A lot of times I don't think we even realize that we are still speaking, acting out, etc. and not ready to receive the answer to our question yet.

Facts are sober.  Assurances are anything but.

Instead of the commercials and the marketing hype, I listened to the facts about how hormones work and what the infradian rhythm clock was. I really focused on listening to my body and looked at what was really there.  It is definitely a skill to see and hear things for how they really are instead of how you would like them to be.

Symbolized by the quartz spires and copper mirror glass, sometimes when we first start focusing on listening for the answer, we realize it has been clearly and sometimes even loudly in front of us, and it really is shocking how we couldn't hear it.  

Due to hormone levels declining to their lowest during the menstrual phase, it creates the greatest communication between the two brain hemispheres (the left and the right). This means you're best able to judiciously evaluate how you're doing in life--what worked and what didn't work over the past 28-32 days in the previous 3 phases.  What do I keep? What am I taking with me into the next phase?  Without this evaluation time, all you really move forward with is crappy, unwanted things.

It is the ultimate & necessary Thought Provoker.

no one achieves anything alone.

Even though I was lied to for years by countless doctors promoting big pharma, I was able to find experts who helped me achieve what I thought was impossible. I'm using this space to introduce some of them to you.

Sara Bolden, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Women First Rehabilitation

This extraordinary woman is who I mention being so grateful for in my original "Every Phase" Artist Statement.

The work she does is truly life-changing.  Besides addressing hormones through diet and lifestyle, working with Sara was the #1 physical activity I did that accelerated my healing more than anything else.  I would not be where I am today without her and the incredible team she has in the office. 

There is so much that people do not understand about the pelvic floor, and how many different areas of the body it is connected to.  I highly highly highly recommend setting up an appointment with her phenomenal practice.  

Unlike so many others in healthcare, her goal is 'not to keep seeing you', because you will be healed!  She sets you up with a plan, and if you do the work, I guarantee you that you can achieve what you thought was impossible like I did. 

Click either of the images above to visit her website and learn more.

Women have been sold a lie that says our body and biochemistry are a disadvantage. 

These taboos and myths surrounding menstrual periods are outdated and completely false. 

We’re offered medications and other interventions that only mask our issues without addressing the root cause.  Our hormones.  Nothing is wrong with you.  It’s likely your hormones are just out of balance.  

For women, the key to optimal hormonal health — and overall health — is to eat, move, supplement, and live in line with the infradian rhythm which can be broken down into four distinct phases: Follicular, Ovulatory, Luteal & Menstrual.

*Info above from floliving.com

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