#14 Sovereignty - Ovulatory


every phase #14 - ovulatory - 4th cycle


I am sovereignty

the inalienable and growth

that may scare people

There is no greater virus than fear.

Largely because it depends on our attention to perpetuate.  So really, the only power fear has is our own sovereign power that we supply.  In a strange way, it can show us how powerful we are. 

In a culture that is dominated by and addicted to fear, the one thing we seem incapable of doubting is fear itself.  We are more likely to distrust happiness or well-being.  Is this because it may seem scary not to have the security blanket of our victimhood?  If we are not the victim, then that means we are the ones responsible for our sovereignty, for our happiness. And to take responsibility means claiming our freedom, and giving up being anything other than that. 

It means that our happiness is not someone else's job--not a burden that we take on ourselves, but self-sustaining inner freedom that no one can ever take away.  It is the ultimate power.

To me, Ovulation is the fearless phase.

It is the best time to ask for a raise, write a month's worth of marketing, or post a video of yourself giving a talk about something you're passionate about--anything that involves opening up. Your attraction factor is multiplied by a thousand, so it's also the least risky time to take some of these risks.

I remember the fear from what my doctors told me.  The chronic, incurable label and the only way to stop the pain from endo would be to have a hysterectomy--due to the fact that the endo was actually embedded in my muscle.  That, or have a baby 🍼 and it will all just go away--the truth couldn't be further from all of that fear.

The truth and answers were already within, written in my body, my hormones. The freedom was there too. 

Even if I had followed their advice out of fear, and gotten a hysterectomy, or had a baby, it does not guarantee the endometriosis would end.  The reality is that our current mainstream medical system's approach to disease just treats symptoms, not actual treatment of the root cause, which would mean real healing/ a cure.  

"Life only beats us up when we resist what we know is truth and try to make an unmakeable deal work."
-Melanie Tonia Evans

Fear is one of the greatest weapons used to manipulate entire populations.

Turn the tables on those who spread fear.

When things you care about are threatened and you fear their loss, remember the things that really matter in your life no one can ever take away from you:

1)Your sovereignty

2) Your free will

3) Your faith

My art is an expression of my sovereignty.  

Through my art I am healed, and I heal others.

& in case you've forgotten, I love you 💌

Too often women are overlooked and underserved in medical, nutrition, and fitness research. Why? Because of our unique 28-day hormone cycle, also known as our Infradian Rhythm. 

When putting together clinical trials, many researchers have decided it is simply too complicated to include women as subjects because our monthly hormone cycle is too complicated. It’s hard to control for all the hormonal shifts women go through every 28-days, so instead of trying to account for those fluctuations, researchers have just left women out and focused on men, whose predictable 24-hour circadian cycles do not vary from day to day. 

Biohack your Ovulatory Phase... 

It’s very common for excess estrogen during this phase to trigger ovarian pain and acne. Your body needs help to break down estrogen faster. DIM is a powerful natural compound (found in broccoli) and studies show that it helps your body clear out used-up estrogen to support balanced estrogen levels, which are key for clear skin all month long and healthy weight maintenance. Helping the body detox estrogen efficiently and effectively also helps reduce PMS symptoms like cramps and bloating. 

*Info above from floliving.com

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