#11 The Rainbow Spark - Luteal

The Rainbow Spark

every phase #11 - luteal - the 3rd cycle

the rainbow spark

The particular ratio of estrogen to progesterone in this phase allowed me to notice things I didn't see before.  Looking through a different lens, so to speak.  

"Each of us carries an internal lens through which we view the world.  The willingness to reveal what that lens sees is what determines an artist." -Julia Cameron, Walking in this World

We all know Michaelangelo's painting with this infamous hand position, known as the divine spark--God touching Adam/humanity.  most people think of the creation of Adam (the tile) Biblical references, etc. 

"Each of us carries an internal lens through which we view the world.  The willingness to reveal what that lens sees is what determines an artist." 
-Julia Cameron, Walking in this World

My interpretation is a bit different.  

For me, it is representative of the connectedness we all share in the divine energy field (shown by the rainbow).  Every spectrum of color, every gender, ethnicity, etc. as one and having their own unique perspective in addition to being a connected part of everything else.  Symbolic of the yin and yang, or balance of masculine and feminine energy we have inside each of us--which is directly tied to achieving balance within our individual hormone blueprint.

There are so many things I can say about this piece and how it relates to the science of this phase--but I think it speaks for itself. 

no one achieves anything alone.

Even though I was lied to for years by countless doctors promoting big pharma, I was able to find experts who helped me achieve what I thought was impossible. I'm using this space to introduce some of them to you.Starting with my current one & primary care who is totally worth the drive.

Dr. Jeffrey Kalins 

New Concept Wellness Center - Dr. Jeffrey Kalins

I wish I would have known Dr. Kalins so much earlier in my life!! 

I was introduced to New concept Wellness after I had done a lot of the heavy-lifting to heal my endometriosis through my own self-education.  He has now, and continues today as my primary care doctor, help me correct hidden imbalances (like leaky gut--which supercharged me) and optimize my hormones + overall health.

I highly highly highly recommend setting up an appointment with this extraordinary practice.  He genuinely cares about helping people and will go the distance for his patients.

New concept Wellness Center provides the latest information and protocols for Nutritional Therapies (which have now come to be called functional medicine), in-depth Chiropractic Treatments utilizing Applied Kinesiology and non-surgical spinal decompression for back and neck pain due to bulging or herniated discs, work and auto injuries.

Biohack your Luteal Phase... 

When is the Luteal Phase? The 10 to 14 days after ovulation and before your bleed.

Metabolism is naturally higher during the luteal phase of the cycle. But most of us don’t eat enough calories because we’ve been taught to believe that we should eat the same calories daily. Our ability to burn calories goes up — but so do our food cravings. During this phase, it’s critical to maintain balanced blood sugar, so taking a supplement that supports blood sugar stability can be really helpful. Research shows that consuming cinnamon is associated with significant decreases in fasting blood glucose, and chromium has been shown to help with insulin sensitivity and better carbohydrate metabolism. 

*Info above from In the FLO

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