#10 The decay of deceit - Ovulatory

every phase #10 - ovulatory - the 3rd cycle

the decay of deceit

lies require people

believe in them to exist,

the truth needs nothing

Too often women are overlooked and underserved in medical, nutrition, and fitness research. Why? Because of our unique 28-day hormone cycle, also known as our Infradian Rhythm. 

When putting together clinical trials, many researchers have decided it is simply too complicated to include women as subjects because our monthly hormone cycle is too complicated. It’s hard to control for all the hormonal shifts women go through every 28-days, so instead of trying to account for those fluctuations, researchers have just left women out and focused on men, whose predictable 24-hour circadian cycles do not vary from day to day. (Info from floliving.com) 

I remember one of my doctors early on telling me that the only way I would ever be able to stop the pain from endometriosis would be for them to perform a hysterectomy because the endo was actually embedded in my pelvic muscle.  It wasn't on the outside or attached to any organs, it had been there so long that it had become embedded.  And because it is still responding hormonally to estrogen outside of the uterus, that is what causes the debilitating pain.  It is an estrogen-dependent disease. 

It was that, or have a baby 🍼--completely opposite ends of the spectrum with one thing in common--many more visits, so increased 💲.

I thought to myself if the root of the entire disease is hormonal, why wouldn't we address that?  We live in a world where the average diet is rampant with endocrine disruptors and fosters estrogen dominance (soy is a huge one which is in almost everything--example: vegetable oil).

Someone else's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.  -Les Brown

The truth is, that even if I had followed their advice, and gotten a hysterectomy, it does not guarantee the endometriosis would end.  Their methods treat symptoms, not actual healing/ a cure.  The answers are in our own bodies, our hormones.  I learned the truth that there was a natural way, much cheaper & easier and wayyyy less side effects.  I addressed hormonal health, studied the facts of how the body works, and learned the truth about what the infradian rhythm is.  Or else, I wouldn't be writing this email.  And honestly, if there hadn't been this much deceit to untangle, it would have denied me the privilege of experiencing true self-empowerment and freedom, something no one can take away. 

So I am grateful to them 🙏, which I feel really embodies the ovulatory phase.  Or as I like to call it, the "I've got something to say" phase.  Communicate, collaborate, receive.  The decay of deceit, like the ovulatory phase, is about expansion.  Expansion of thoughts, ideas, how much awesomeness or crappiness we allow. 

Ovulation is the best time to ask for a raise, write a month's worth of marketing, or post a video of yourself giving a talk about something you're passionate about--anything that involves opening up. Your attraction factor is multiplied by a thousand.  Like the  Born Art piece-- the last ovulatory piece and in this piece (me)--she is the raise!  Hell, she is the maker of the raise.

Biohack your Ovulatory Phase... 

It’s very common for excess estrogen during this phase to trigger ovarian pain and acne. Your body needs help to break down estrogen faster. DIM is a powerful natural compound and studies show that it helps your body clear out used-up estrogen to support balanced estrogen levels, which are key for clear skin all month long and healthy weight maintenance. Helping the body detox estrogen efficiently and effectively also helps reduce PMS symptoms like cramps and bloating. 

*Info above from floliving.com

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